Logan DeGrand

LoganLogan DeGrand is a canyoneer, canyon explorer, canyoning instructor and swiftwater canyoning technical advisor. Logan’s passion for canyons began in his childhood, where he was fascinated with exploring the local granite gorge and its waterfalls, waterslides and grottoes. Since the advent of modern canyoneering, Logan has descended over 500 unique canyons in 10 countries and 8 of the United States. He has been leading and guiding canyoneering trips since 2012. His canyoneering interest spans from desert canyons to swiftwater canyons, from alpine canyons to jungle canyons, from explorations and first descents to equipping routes for the safe enjoyment of future generations, and from training guides to advising owners in how to operate a guide service.

Logan is an ACA and ACE-trained Canyon Guide, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator, Whitewater River Guide, NPS-trained Search and Rescue Technician, and a Wilderness First Responder. When not in canyons, Logan volunteers at Grand County (Moab) Search and Rescue and runs river trips on the West’s mighty rivers.