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New Adventures Beginning Spring 2016

Posted by Christopher Hagedorn
Christopher Hagedorn
Owner of North American Wilderness Leadership School
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on Tuesday, 09 February 2016 in Get Wild News

New Adventures Beginning Spring 2015

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Exciting New Adventures Coming in Spring 2016!

Spring Canyoneering season is just around the corner and the staff at Get In The Wild have been busy planning a variety of exciting new adventures that are guaranteed to delight.  From exciting hiking, backpacking, canyoneering and photography tours to family adventure vacations, vehicle basecamp safaris and hard core expeditions, we have trips and programs for adventurers of all ages, interests and skill levels.  Here is a sample of some of our exciting new programs:

Goblin's Lair/Chamber of the Basalisk

Hidden amongst the spectacular hoodos and mesas of Goblin Valley State park lies a truly fantastic canyoneering adventure.  Following a short and fun scramble through the Valley of the Goblins, we enter a beautiful slot canyon that disappears into a dark and mysterious chasm in the Earth.  It is here that we put on our canyoneering gear and rappel into this spectacular and awe-inspiring chamber that resembles a gothic cathedral.  The Goblins Lair and Chamber of the Basalisk is truly an unforgettable canyoneering adventure and like most of our trips is suitable for the entire family.


Hogwarts Canyon

Hogwart's canyon is magical new technical canyoneering route full of amazing surprises! Certain to provide a grand adventure for all who dare to explore it's hidden secrets. Some of it's unique features include an awe-inspiring rappel through a beautiful redrock arch, a semi-keeper pothole sure to get your attention and a 90 ft free rappel guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. Come join us for a grand canyoneering adventure at Hogwart's Canyon!


Happy Canyon

Many travelers and outdoor adventurers have seen or heard about one of the Southwest’s most beautiful slot canyons—Antelope Canyon located near Page, Arizona at the Navaho Tribal Park. Unbeknownst to most however is an amazing and spectacular canyon that is aesthetically very similar and just as beautiful—Happy Canyon located in the amazing Dirty Devil/Robbers Roost Wilderness. So, why should I go to Happy Canyon you might ask. For us, the answer is very simple and can be summed up in just a single word—solitude!  A trip to Happy Canyon provides a beautiful approach through one of America’s last known wilderness areas. During spring season, hikers are rewarded along the way with abundant wildflowers, unique and colorful collared lizards and something that can be found few other places—total and complete solitude. Trips to Happy canyon can be arranged as both single day trips and can also be combined as part of multi-day Backpacking trips and Canyoneering Safaris. Join us for an experience like no other—a fabulous wilderness trip to spectacular Happy Canyon!


Native American Indian Rock Art Tour

Over the past few years, many of you have been asking if we provide tours to Native American cultural sites. While most of our trips include visits to a variety of petroglyphs, pictographs and cliff dwellings, until now we have not had tours dedicated to this experience. The areas that we travel within the Greater Canyonlands region are characterized by a vast number of unique and beautiful sites. This area contains some of the oldest and highest concentrations of ancestral American Indian history located anywhere in the US.  National Park and Bureau of Land Management studies have estimated over 24 sites per square mile in this region dating to over 10,000 years old.  We are now offering programs as single day auto tours, hiking tours and multi-day backpacking trips. Register now and be a part of this exciting new experience beginning in spring 2016.

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